Reprisal Universe


What started as a ActionScript 3 learning project soon developed into a long five year personal homage. Finally launching in September 2015, Reprisal Universe has seen sucess on Steam, GOG and Humble store to name a few of the outlets. Utlizing old pixel art methods learnt from my Amiga days, it combines more modern visual approaches with tilt shift asthetics.

Help Thallos guide and rescue his people. Using special totem powers you can control nature itself unleashing its full fury on anyone that stands in your way. As you explore distant lands you must gather your lost tribes and Amulets. But be warned, other tribes may not take too kindly to your intentions and will put up a fight!

Created in homage to Populous, Reprisal's Universe spans over 34 planets and 184 islands pitting you against 3 other tribes - each with their own aggression traits. Learn to control the 15 totem powers, upgrading them as you explore and harness the 5 Wonder totems for maximum effect. In this Universe you won't be alone, other explorers will be present helping you to uncover items and leaving their own legacies on islands you will explore.